Published On: Wed, Feb 3rd, 2016

World Reveal Of Renault KWID 1.0 litre SCE, Renault KWID Easy – R AT Auto Expo 2016

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renalutNew Delhi: Renault India, one of the fastest growing automotive companies in India, created history with its global car for conquest, Renault KWID. This Attractive, Innovative and Affordable car, is a true game-changer and volume driver for Renault India, amassing over 100,000 customer orders since its launch about 4 months ago.

Renault demonstrated its ambition to keep building on the success of the Renault KWID, by showcasing the Renault KWID 1.0 Litre SCe and Renault KWID Easy-R at the Auto Expo in India.

Sumit Sawhney, Country CEO and Managing Director, Renault India Operations, said, “Renault KWID is a great success and has revolutionised the compact hatchback segment, living true to our promise of creating a new era in automotive history. It has generated unprecedented success in its category and has won the hearts of customers’ and automotive experts alike. At Renault, we are committed to continuous innovation and we are happy to showcase the Renault KWID 1.0 litre SCe and Renault KWID EASY – R, our automated version. We will launch both these versions sometime in the future.”

Renault also proved its progressive design innovation by showcasing two concept cars, Renault KWID Climber and Renault KWID Racer. The concept cars have been largely designed and developed by Renault’s design studios in Mumbai and Chennai and underscore Renault’s commitment to the Indian market.

Laurens Van Den Acker, Senior Vice President, Corporate Design, who was present at the unveil, shared, “At first glance, Renault KWID blends an emotional design with the need for reassurance expressed by customers. Its SUV lines mirror its tough, robust character and underpin its distinctive, modern look. Both of the show cars are based on the Renault KWID platform. The front end is distinctive and immediately recognisable as a Renault. The wheel arches are generous and the unique body colours bear design touches common to both vehicles.”

“At Renault, our core specialty is concept innovation, with the endeavour of redefining a segment and offering something new to the customer. I believe that to be successful in the automotive space, you need clutter-breaking products, which make the customers’ lives better. Both the Renault KWID Racer and Climber have been developed keeping in mind specific customer needs and cater to very diverse audiences. They reflect our intent to keep pace with global innovations and at the same time make products to suit the local needs,” added Mr. Sawhney about Renault’s 2 concept cars.

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