Published On: Wed, Aug 24th, 2016

Work Stress’ ought not to be ‘Home Stress’

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ROUTBy Jagdish Rout

“Work is Worship” and being work-alcoholic is a good gesture, but “Excessive of anything is very bad”. Each activity has its own limitations and beyond-limit leads to friction and a saturation point that renders one both physically and mentally fatigue.
Stress and strain is like an acid test that corrodes the mind first, let alone the health. It also plays a spoilsport in our family and social relations. It’s true that both brain and body need jogging (exercise) to remain fit and alert. However, stress and strain affects more the brains and tells against the physique.
When our mind starts minding the ill effects of stress and strain, our daily life-style gets invaded by topsy-turvy type behaviour.
It transforms the social animal instinct in us into the antics of an unsocial animal full of irritations and let others, viz. family members, friends and relatives, fellow human beings, keep at bay and raise their eyebrows.
Hence, we need to be well aware of the fact that the moment work stress turns into home stress, it costs dear our social relationship. Releasing our work stress on better half (wife/life partner), kids and friend circle has its bad repercussions in our day to day life.
It also takes a heavy toll on our psyche and physique. Generally, we work for money as in this materialistic world money is deemed to be sweeter than honey.
But, despite the rat race of monetary gains and work-alcoholism, our social life must not be in peril. It all money matters in this mundane world, but money can never purchase mental peace.
It may induce many towards us, but they are false friends. Need to be kept in mind, false friends are like our shadow that follows us till we are in the sun/light (good time). It leaves us the moment we enter into dark (hard time).
On the other hand, one’s better half/life partner/wife, kids, kith and kin and fellow social animals maintain the relationship even during our adversities.
Thus, we ought to be most careful not to let work stress supersede social life. At least, it must not become home stress as it becomes the root cause of tension that leads to a tense lifestyle.
In a married life, cosiness and mutual understanding is a must between the couple. One should patiently try to feel the pulse of other so that if at all the work stress tries to spread its tentacles over the home environment, right prescription should be up the sleeve to assuage the tense moment or hour.
In a bid to strike a balance, a person should try not to bring his/her work home. Persons or professionals, holding the positions of authority or decision-making at one’s workplace, are generally seen making even their living room or bed room a 24×7 official cubicle.

Today in an era of internet and advance communication facilities, even one works while in bed, bathroom and lavatory. Let’s take a cue from the wise saying: “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy; all play and no work, makes Jack a toy”.
Each act has its own specific sphere. Beyond which it goes out of frame. It is true that persons in emergent professions, like a doctor, nurse,police, fire brigade person, ambulance driver and above all a soldier are warranted at any point of time.

Nevertheless, the nature of job is more social and humanitarian than hankering after money or doing harm to others. Even the family members, friends and relatives feel proud of such service rendered and sacrifice done.
Pertinent to note the golden principle in life: “Do unto others as thou want others do unto thee”. One could only know where the shoe pinches and take the remedial measures.
If not, the minor bruise would aggravate in course of time and force one to be barefoot for bearing the brunt of being odd-man-out amidst one’s near and dear.

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