Published On: Sun, Apr 22nd, 2018

What Freelancers Need to Know about life?

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A Freelancer is a self-employed person who although works with different clients and even under many companies but is his/her own boss. Freelancing has become a call of the day when many are inclining towards it because of the innumerable benefits it offers as compared to the traditional way of employment. A freelancer can utilise his time depending on will and can multitask according to the demand of the situation. In this job, you are neither forced to work with a specific person as your boss nor your working spectrum is limited. Instead, you will be able to fly high dodging the obstacles at your own pace in your own race.

Benefits of Freelancing

If you are a student and eager to get some pocket money or if you are in a job and wish to utilise the free time, then freelancing could well help you earn respectably. You can do this part-time job at your own conditions and that too from the comforts of your home. Since you will not be answerable to any brand, you will be able to surf more and reach out to more options which will help to increase your income.

Moreover, it also offers you the chance to choose your own clients according to your preferences, which will enhance your interest and enrich your experience. Nevertheless, the life of a freelancer is not always sunny; it does involve certain challenges as well. Therefore, before opting for this kind of a routine, you need to be aware of specific factors, which are immensely valuable in a freelancer’s life.

Factors to remember

  • Once you become selective about your work, your payment also takes the same turn. It is a part-time endeavour when you are not working; you will not have any payment to suffice you. To avoid this financial draught, you should consider availing certain options like Term Insurance Plan Online and save for your future, thereby securing your present as well. This Contingency planning could help you deal with undue


  • You might face rejection in this field a lot, but you will have to consider those as constructive criticisms and move ahead in life. The amount of work is huge, so if you remain persistent and diligent, success is bound to come. The best move would be to run like a business and work for the client who pays you the most promising It will enable to grow, develop and expand your work.
  • You should be economical enough to carry forward your expenses smoothly. If you do not wish to pay a massive amount of income tax, then learn to book your expenses and scheme using your brains.
  • Since you are not working under any brand, you will not get any promotions to firm your position, so you will have to create your own market, with authentic documents prescribing your experience and achievements and salary.
  • Get connected with other freelancers and exist in a commune set up to be inspired and motivated by each other during periods of less or no work.

Build the present and secure the future

If you are eager enough to take up freelancing, be prepared to encounter to any and every odd. Understand and choose your work wisely, build a portfolio, keep your documents ready and then apply through various institutions and clients on the virtue of your talent.

When you are freelancing you miss on the fixed monthly income. When you think of securing your future, you also need to secure the future of your family members because you are the person they are dependent on. Who will look after them when you are not around? Planning for something that gives regular income even when you die is term insurance. You can find the best term insurance plan online but before that you need fixed income. Either find a freelancing project that pays you a fixed salary or step into a physical office.

Despite a few odds, freelancing stills counts to be an attractive career option. Many renowned companies are showing interest to work with the freelancers for their talents and skills. However, despite the burgeoning requirement for freelancers, only the fittest can survive the towering demands of the clients and make sumptuous money. Therefore, if you have the right mix of the techniques and know the rules of the game, then try out your luck there. You will surely succeed!

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