Published On: Mon, Jun 5th, 2017

Welcome to Kalu Sarai! The Delhi’s Hub for Engineering Students

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Every student who is in Delhi and preparing for IIT JEE is familiar with Kalu Sarai. Located very close to Hauz Khas Metro station, the place is swarming with IIT aspirants. In fact, the economy of this area is literally propelled by the coaching industry that has evolved over a period. There are many coaching institutes that train and coach students for the most challenging coaching examination in the country. If you are an engineering aspirant and wish to enroll at a coaching institute, Aakash Institute Delhi reviews are very favourable.

Every year thousands of students who are chasing the IIT dream land in Kalu Sarai. Once the admission in secured in a coaching institute, the grueling cycle of attending classes and self-study begins. However, Kalu Sarai is more than just a mecca of coaching. it is a place that harbours dreams of young and aspiring engineers. Therefore, if you are a heading to this suburban village to prepare for JEE 2018, pay attention to the following –

Join a Reputed Coaching Institute

This is a no brainer. Although every coaching institute in the area has a legacy, Aakash Institute Delhi reviews have been quite positive. The institute has been offering advanced coaching to students for nearly 29 years and has a team of highly competent faculty and mentors. Besides that, the infrastructure and study material offered by the institute is also top notch. Therefore, joining a reputed and well-established coaching Institute is the step to be heading in the right direction.

Interact with Peers

Peer interaction is very important when it comes to preparing for entrance examination like JEE. When you are in Kalu Sarai, you will meet peers, who are living the same aspiration as you. Interacting with them will help you exchange ideas. You can rely on one another so that you can learn and evolve together. Group learning is yet another advantage that comes with living in Kalu Sarai. Since many students are residing in the same neighbhourhood, meeting them for a group study session will be easy.

Visit the IIT Delhi Campus

At any point in time if you are feeling down or demotivated, head to the IIT Delhi Campus which is located very close to Kalu Sarai. One of the primary reasons why Kalu Sarai has evolved as a coaching hub is because of its closeness to IIT Delhi. A visit to your dream college will help you revive and the spirit to prepare for the exam will a vigour will restore once again.

Take Care of your Self

The commercial area of Kalu Sarai is developed keeping in mind the requirement of the students. Every shop in the area has commodities that are for the students. The area is also flooded with a lot of small eateries and fruit stalls that sell hygienic and affordable food items. Eating proper meals at regular intervals is important so that you can concentrate on your studies. You need to ensure that you are following a proper diet. The shops are suitably located, and between class breaks, you can easily step out and grab a quick bite.

Often Kaul Sarai is equated to Kota. While the look and feel of the place may be familiar, Kalu Sarai also has a long-standing history which is unique to this area. With the development of metro lines, the appeal of the area has further enhanced. Besides outstation students, those who reside in Delhi prefer joining a coaching institute in Kalu Sari. The place is also home to several books shops. Therefore, all kind of study material and supplies associated with JEE can easily be procured from the area.

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