Published On: Tue, Sep 25th, 2018

Topper’s Speak: Know How to Ace Vocabulary Section in CAT

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Every section has something associated with it like a few tricks and methods. Well, these bells and whistles will all be cleared and put forward in a way that you also inculcate them in your preparation. As CAT 2018 is near, it is important to focus on each and every section carefully. Today we are bringing the best pointers for the Vocabulary Section through the minds of the toppers which will give you an immense boost in preparation as well as your chances to get a great score.

Divide and rule

The crux of this point is that the Vocabulary section includes topics like Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction, Incomplete sentences and Critical Reasoning. Initially, you can dedicate two whole days to each of the topics and later, you can allocate study hours to each of the subjects on the basis of how much you need to work on the subject.

Read as much as you can

Not just to read but to read from various topics Philosophy, Technology, History, Politics, Current Affairs, etc. in a day, post that spends half an hour trying to analyze the topic like writing a short summary of what is mentioned in the article or by writing your opinion on the topic discussed.

Initially, you will take one hour to do this, but slowly with steady practice, you will see that the time duration is shortening and that very soon you will become a pro at solving reading comprehension problems.

Way to improve your vocabulary

In order to improve your vocabulary, one of the most recommended books is Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis. Toppers suggest that you must set targets for yourself like learning one new word on day one, then two on day two and then keep increasing the targets and when you find yourself getting comfortable it will make you a Vocabulary Wizard by the end of two months. That is all required in this part.

Lots of Mock tests!!

Solving lots of tests will provide you ease in the test environment. Prioritize the section that you find easier, and take lesser time to solve, then pick and choose from among the remaining questions to solve questions in which you are more comfortable. Now the most important thing here is to skip to the next question if you feel you can’t solve it.

Critical reasoning is critically important

By the end of the preparation period, most of the aspirants get a hang of reading comprehension and sentence correction section, also as very often critical reasoning section becomes the deciding factor when it comes to the differences in the final percentile scores, you must give a special emphasis to this section. Your flair for critical reasoning improves with practice.

It is essentially conditioning your brain to think and analyze statements in a particular way so once it gets done you’re good to go.

Grammar is just like Math!

Yes! Grammar is just like math as you must study Grammar just like you used to study your Math basics, for example, you learned your 9 and 11 tables, make a list of basic rules and memorize them, so when you tackle grammar-related questions you can run through the grammar rules to quickly judge which rule has been violated, this will save your time.

We hope you draw something valuable out of this and refine your preparation strategy using some of the tips above and choose wisely i.e. don’t be tempted to take chances while attempting questions as accuracy matters a lot!

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