Published On: Sun, Mar 18th, 2018

Top Four Destinations in Munnar to steal your heart away

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Munnar is a town and hilly area located in the Kerala state of India. During the months of April and May, Munnar attracts a great number of tourists from around the world. This is the most popular time to visit Munnar. People generally prefer going before June – September, as these are the monsoon rain months. December – January is also a peak season to travel to Munnar. You will find a lot of wonderful resorts in Munnar with a view of tea-gardens to make your stay affluent. Munnar has a bundle of top destinations that will steal your heart totally.

Here is the list of some top destinations that you must visit in Munnar.

Blossom Park

The Blossom Hydel Park is located at the distance of 3 km from Munnar. This park is in very close proximity to the Pallivasal Hydro-electric project, near River Muthirappuzha.This is an ideal place to visit with the family and kids. You can enjoy various activities here including cycling, bird watching, roller skating, picnic and boating. Nature lovers and bird admirers cannot afford to miss visiting Blossom Hydel Park. Blossom Hydel Park entrance fee is very nominal. This park is open from 9:00 am – 7:00 pm. You need at least 2-3 hours from your day to visit this park.

Attukal Waterfall

Attukal Waterfall is one of the top 8 waterfalls and most visited place in Munnar. This place is 9 km away from Munnar. Attukal Waterfall is surrounded by rich green forests, a must visit for nature lovers and adventurous people. You can enjoy various activities near Attukal Waterfall like trekking and hiking. Attukal Waterfall is open for the tourists throughout the week from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm. You need not spend a single penny to explore this place, as there is no entry fee.


Your journey to Munnar will be incomplete if you would not visit Anamudi, highest peak in the Kerala state and South India. This peak is at the height of 2,695 m (8,842 ft). Neelakurinji flowers make this place more alive throughout the year. You can enjoy the sight of hills, valley, rivers, lots of spices, cultivation of tea, plants and wildlife from the peak of Anamudi. This is one of the best destinations to visit in Munnar. If you are a wanderer and nature enthusiastic person then this place in Munnar is a must visit place for you. You need at least 3-4 hours to enjoy the beauty of Anamudi. There are a lot of luxurious resorts in Munnar with high-end amenities for the stay near Anamudi Peak.

Tea Gardens

Munnar is known for tea plantation. This place is a must visit for tea lovers. Kollukkumallay, tea garden in Munnar, is the highest tea garden in India at 7900 ft. This tea garden is accessible only by jeep. Do not miss walking in the tea gardens or estates of Munnar; this will be a lifetime experience.  The aroma of tea gardens attracts the tourists from around the world. You will get to see a lot of resorts in Munnar near the tea estates.

Things you should know if visiting in monsoon season

Monsoon is the season of love and rain. Honeymooners generally prefer going in the monsoon season. But there are some things that you should know if visiting the rainy season.

  • Keep all the warm clothes, raincoat and umbrella with you.
  • Sudden change might lead to cold or fever so always keep some basic medicines with you.
  • Be aware of leeches. In the rainy season, you will spot a lot of leeches. Cover yourself from top to toe in order to avoid leech from getting on your body.
  • Various hotels or resorts in Munnar have Ayurvedic Massage centre. Monsoon is the best time to get the Ayurvedic treatment.
  • There is a good news for Monsoon season visitors that the prices of hotels or resorts in Munnar are low during monsoon rain season as it is the off-season and the rush of visitors is quite less.
  • Do not expect a lot of sightseeing during the monsoon months. Due to the rainy season sometimes it becomes little hard to leave the room. You can surely enjoy the view from the room but actually do not get the chance to visit a lot of attractions due to the rains of Munnar.


Munnar is a room to waterfalls, tea estates, tea plantation, hills, valleys, rivers, lush green forests and more. The scenic beauty of this place is like a treat for the eyes. Blossom Hydel Park, Attukal Waterfall, Anamudi and Kollukkumallay are some of the major destinations in the Munnar, Kerala, India. Amazing world-class resorts in Munnar would make your journey more memorable and special.

Happy journey!

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