Published On: Fri, Apr 8th, 2016

TLC Presents A Brand New Lifestyle Series Food, Dudes & Tattoos

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tlcNew Delhi: TLC presents an exciting new series that will take viewers across Africa for the best FOOD, DUDES & TATTOOS. Hosted by the maverick, ‘renaissance man’ Brett Rogers, the series will break new ground as a counter-culture, travelogue and food show. The series will showcase South Africa’s unique and diverse contemporary cultures and demonstrates that it is more than just a beautiful game reserve.
FOOD, DUDES & TATTOOS will premiere on 10th April and will air every Sunday at 10pm on TLC.

The series recounts the epic road trip that Rogers took across South Africa to track down the most mouth-watering food establishments, coolest micro-distilleries and the edgiest tattoo parlours. His search for the best food, culture and tattoo establishments inadvertently uncovered that the three are more often than not inherently connected.

“What we focussed on was food lovingly prepared, with care and with ethical concern for the sourcing of ingredients…and, of course, the food had to be delicious. I ate a whole lot of tasty things; some of my favourites were the burger I made at The Bench in George, mussels from The Leopard in Melville, buffalo mozzarella from Swellendam and the chisanyama from Soweto’s 707 Panyaza,” says Rogers.

On his journey, the already heavily-tattooed Rogers got six more tattoos over a period of 45 days. From exciting cuisines, great drinks, the coolest tattoos and the inimitable spirit of Brett Rogers, this series is a must watch for all TLC viewers.

Watch FOOD, DUDES & TATTOOS every Sunday at 10pm, only on TLC

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