Published On: Tue, Jan 31st, 2017

The Paintings of Satish Bala Malhotra at the Radisson Blu MBD Privé Hotel, Noida

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Report by Santanu Ganguly, New Delhi: Satish Bala Malhotra is the chairperson and Managing Director of the MBD Group. She has been a pillar of strength for her entire family.  She has always always chosen to stay away from limelight and has silently supported her husband and daughters in all their endeavors. Whether it were the initial days of MBD Group or the successful venture of the group in various business verticals,    Shri Ashok Kumar Malhotra  the founder of MBD Group always saw in her a life partner from whom he got immense strength to realize his dreams. Today MBD Group is India’s largest Publishing House with over 6 decades of experience. The MBD Group under the futuristic vision of the Founder of the Group Ashok Kumar Malhotra has diversified into various industries including, e learning, Hospitality, Real Estate, Mall Development and management, eco friendly notebooks and Paper Manufacturing. Now under the guidance of Satish Bala Malhotra chairperson MBD Group, the dynamic duo of Ms Monica Malhotra Kandhari and Ms Sonica Malhotra Kandhari, Directors of MBD Group are following the footsteps of their father and are creating new benchmarks for the MBD Group.

As a mother she has always ensured that her daughters are brought up to be strong individuals with independent thinking and yet be much grounded. The way in which both her daughter are taking the MBD legacy forward speaks a lot about values inculcated by Mrs Malhotra

An avid painter Malhotra’s works have been adorning the interiors of the Radisson Blu MBD Hotel Noida and The Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana. Her paintings have also been displayed at various art exhibitions.   A lady of very few words she prefers to express herself through her brush strokes.  With her extensive travel experience she provides valuable contributions to the the service standards and interiors of the hospitality ventures of the group.

Satish Bala Malhotra has committed herself to the philanthropic initiatives of her husband She has been the driving force behind the Shri Ashok Kumar Malhotra charitable trust which has been instrumental in taking initiatives for the welfare of the children. Whether it is through distribution of free stationary or giving out scholarship to the deserving children, she ensures that MBD Group reaches out to as many needy people as possible.

Satish Bala Malhotra, Chairperson guides the MBD Group efficiently and equips the company to meet professional challenges successfully. With its quality services, the company has become a name to reckon with in all its business verticals.

The Best of Both Worlds: Guest rooms in the MBD Privé Collection are the finest and one of the city’s most revered hospitality benchmarks. The MBD Privé Collection has become a favourite residence for those travelling for business and pleasure. It comes as no surprise as we offer an unprecedented level of luxury and hospitality experience for our guests.

The Collection, to begin with, emulates the fashion and impeccable interiors of rococo style while staying true to its Indian roots by blending it with heavy lush embroidery and authentic ‘dabka’ work on draperies and cushions. Overall, it presents a scheme that lends a definite peaceful touch and is also stylish in the best Venetian and French traditions. Its decorative scheme slides between centuries with styles alternating between those from the rococo and Victorian to the most contemporary, which makes its appearance timeless and eclectic.

Quintessentially, the design features include rich fabrics, high beds with footstool, elegant bathroom fittings, modern amenities and neoclassical carpets. In this setting, imagine yourself entering a calm space with pistachio green—but these are just a prelude to what waits within.

The detailed craftsmanship in ceilings and walls creates interesting design elements that evoke the cultural surroundings of the MBD Privé Collection. Each furniture piece is bespoke and finished meticulously with gold carvings that date back to the 1800s. All the decorative lights including goosenecks, table lamps, chandeliers and standing lamps are hand-picked for their unique character and presence. The concept has taken modern lighting and current trends of dimming and automation of light to a new high.

The MBD Privé Collection is flooded with artistic elements that have been configured to meet the requirements of the new generation of travellers too. Above its foundation of timeless elegance, there is a fine adjustment, amongst others, with technology-driven mood lighting, media hubs and iPads. Its décor follows an understated yet amazing neoclassical style, with an emphasis on a peaceful colour palette of earthy materials, such as carved mouldings, antique brass wall sconces, marble floors and antique furniture pieces. Each element has its own peculiarity while retaining design cohesion through different eras thus making it ageless and offering the best of both worlds.

All the guest rooms and suites have a collection of antique finish furniture with elegant bathrooms and a range of impressive reclaimed beds and emperor beds with intricate gilt bed wall canopies and bed throws. The calmness of the interiors is inviting while the freshness is introduced by refreshing blue adorned with subtle wallpapers at the corridor level. The rooms have POP-carved frames around colonial paintings, which are well complemented by the floors with contemporary Italian wooden and stone finishes.

Look forward to the seamless blending of the old and the new: between the nostalgic character switches and iPads for menu; and the old-style studies and sophisticated media hubs. Such a synergy of timeless craftsmanship and modern engineering has made the MBD Privé Collection a unique address for discerning travellers in Delhi-NCR.

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