Published On: Sat, Sep 9th, 2017

Star Bharat presents Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal, a laughter riot about a Saas-in-distress

Mumbai: The matriarch of the family who is often the mastermind of kitchen politics is the most crucial ingredient of any family show on TV. For decades we have watched the saas plotting away to glory to have her own way. But what about a Saas whose obsession for the perfect bride gets her into trouble? For the first time ever, a Saas gets tested by God on this side-splitting comedy and is the one in a tight spot.
In India, even the most sensible of mothers become unreasonable when it comes to finding a bride for their sons. Most mothers believe that their sons are perfect and the 21st century mother-in-law demands a bride who is not just beautiful but also a great cook and religious. She needs her daughter-in-law to be highly educated, driven and romantic enough to keep her son engaged.
To address this mindset head on in a light and humorous manner, Star Bharat (Life OK – rebranded) in association with Optimystix brings ‘Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal’, a rib-tickling sitcom starring Kanchan Gupta, as the over-demanding Saas and Manindar Singh as the compliant son.
The show follows the consequences that a mother faces when her desperate prayer for the perfect bride with all 5 qualities finally gets answered but with a strange twist. The sitcom revolves around a saas’ plight, when, instead of getting 1 bride with 5 qualities she gets 5 bahus with 1 quality each. The bizarre situation makes for a series of uproarious events, reminding us that we should always be careful of what we wish for! The show is a sitcom which conveys a powerful message that when you want more, it doesn’t always turn out to be good. The show highlights the fact that greed for perfection is bad and one should not have unrealistic expectations from their daughters-in-law.
The lead actor and protagonist Kanchan Gupta said, “The show is a satirical yet amusing take on how mothers are obsessed with finding the perfect girl for their son because they feel their sons are the best and they deserve nothing but the best. The narrative is very tongue-in-cheek and relatable – I am sure the audiences will love the show”
Vipul D Shah, Chairman& MD of Optimystix Entertainment- added his views on the new show, “For the first time ever on Indian television, a saas will have to give agnipariksha! We realized it was time to turn the table and put the saas on the hot seat. The show hilariously captures the chaos that arises in mundane daily situations when a saas has to deal with 5 bahus each with their unique quirks.”

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