Published On: Tue, Nov 8th, 2016

South Actress Anandpreet Kaur Looks Stunning into Rowa Khan’s designer Costumes

shaanMumbai: The fashion industry has been flourishing at an interesting pace. Metro cities like Mumbai are responsible for bringing the latest trends in fashion. However, there are a very few fashion designers in Mumbai who can actually become a trendsetter in the industry. Most of the designers often follow other popular designers and take ideas from their work. Rowa Khan fashion designer is one of the finest artists in the city who has bought the best trends in designer gowns. She has been an inspiration for a lot of budding artists in the country. Rowa started her career as a Bollywood fashion designer in 2007. Her designer gowns collection is worth every drop of praise. She has experience of working with some of the most famous personalities in the fashion industry. These days, she is one of the top fashion designers in Mumbai. Recently, Rowa Khan did an amazing photo shoot in association with Shaan Banerjee. Rowa and Shaan have produced some amazing photographs together in the past as well.
Anandpreet Kaur and Krystal Rajput looked marvelous in Rowa’s dresses

The shoot was done for the designer gowns and wedding gowns designed exclusively by Rowa. Famous south actress Anandpreet Kaur and model Krystal Rajput modeled for the shoot. Shaan, who is one of the top fashion photographers in India, is known for his amazing photography techniques. He makes sure that the light, angle and the location form the perfect frame together. There are a very few fashion photographers in Mumbai who can actually give life to photographs and Shaan is one of them.
Shaan Banerjee clickings made it all even more beautiful!

It is a well-known fact that when two or more brilliant minds come together and work as a single force, the final output has to be good. Shaan’s photography techniques combined with Rowa’s designing skills and beauty of hot Anandpreet Kaur can never fail the viewers. As a commercial photographer, Shaan has done a number of model portfolios with some of the best fashion designers in India. His work with Rowa Khan has been the best out of them.
Tamil actress Anandpreet Kaur has been very active in the film and fashion industry. She has done a number of shoots with Rowa Khan and Shaan Banerjee fashion photographer. Most of the recent and previous work by celebrity photographer Shaan is available on his website

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