Published On: Fri, Feb 6th, 2015

Rs 200 crore spend by political parties in Delhi elections: ASSOCHAM

logoNew Delhi: Political parties in the national capital would be spending something like Rs 150-200 crore in the high decibel Delhi elections with the bulk of the funds being spent by the parties, rather than individual candidates and most of it going to the high cost print and electronic media this election, according to ASSOCHAM estimates.

This would be about 30-40 per cent more than the amount spent in Delhi in the last Assembly elections in 2013 since this time around, it has become a high stake poll, adds the ASSOCHAM latest assessment.

Major heads accounting for expenditure are rallies, print and electronic advertisements. These heads themselves account for over 60 per cent of the total expenditures which are put under the accounts of the parties and not individual candidates.

“While the individual candidates are subject to expenditure ceiling, there is no threshold for the parties, a major loopholes in the election law, which must be addressed”, ASSOCHAM Secretary General Mr D S Rawat said while releasing the ASSOCHAM latest assessment.

The businesses in the media –like television channels, newspapers, city hoardings, printers, social media, transport and hospitality– bus/taxi operators, tents/scaffoldings, caterers, airlines, have increased due to impact of the election budgets.

“In fact, these elections coming on heels of the last Assembly elections which resulted in hung house and then Parliamentary polls have come as a boom to the media houses which are not only getting increased revenue from advertisements but also are witnessing higher circulations and TRPs for televisions,”, the chamber noted.

The additional functions of advertising firms include mass mailings to influence voters, opposition research and graphic design of signs and pamphlets. Consulting firms may also train campaign team members and party supporters to delegate responsibilities, points out the paper.

The technology companies like google and social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook will expect their India revenue to rise substantially this year as the political parties spending larger sums on digital media than the previous election in 2013, adds the ASSOCHAM paper.

Majority of parties are appealing to a younger generation of text and internet savvy like voters. Online as a medium to reach voters has become a really powerful one for political parties”, added Mr. Rawat.

The services on offer include managing media, planning campaigns, marketing policies, designing promotional material, website and social media page and weighing the prospects of rival candidates, said Mr. Rawat.

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