Published On: Fri, Jan 6th, 2017

Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik addresses the Prabasi Odia Conclave At New Delhi

15826249_10208406516267571_8588097791321711835_nNew Delhi: Chief Minister of Odisha, Shri Naveen Patnaik attended and addressed the gathering of Non Resident Odias at the Prabasi Odia Conclave 2017 in New Delhi today. The Conclave was inaugurated by the Hon’ble President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee.

Before addressing the audience, Hon’ble Chief Minister introduced an e-Portal – Ananya to the Non Resident Odias. Ananya developed by the NRO Cell in the Office of the Chief Resident Commissioner, Government of Odisha, New Delhi signifies the uniqueness of Odisha’s crafts and women artisans and leverages technology to empower women artisans of Odisha by providing them access to global markets. In his address, the Chief Minister suggested that the next Conclave of Prabasi Odias may be held in Odisha where four and a half crore Odias can rejoice in their home coming. He stated that today’s Odisha has dreams for the future.
Highlighting that in two decades from now, Odisha will complete a hundred years of Statehood, he underlined that to every Odia it represents a never before opportunity to create a collective vision to imagine what their Motherland would be likely in the year 2036. He informed the Non Resident Odias that Odisha is in the process of creating a blueprint for Odisha at 100 and will be delighted to seek their rich ideas and contributions in the endeavour.
Hon’ble Chief Minister mentioned that over 50% population of Odisha is under the age of 30 and this population will be in its prime as the year 2036 dawns in two decades from now. He mentioned that at the start of the Millennum the State was thrown into bankruptcy with divisive politics. The Super Cyclone of 1999 left behind destruction of over four and half billion dollars and caused loss of thousands of precious human lives. However, the next Cyclone Phailin which happened exactly after 14 years, found that Odisha had moved on to a platform that is bold, confident and active. The guiding principle in the wake of Cyclone Phailin was that no person is to be left behind. He mentioned that the efforts of Odisha in evacuating 1.1 million people with their belongings including cattle in just about 48 hours is held as the largest ever human evacuation in human history.
Chief Minister underlined that by 2014, Odisha had earned the right to dream and from then on Odias have the audacity to hope. He informed that Odisha has come a long way from a rice deficit State in 2000 to a rice surplus State and is the 3rd largest contributor to Public Distribution System today. Odisha’s Model of Human Development is drawing national attention and Odisha’s approach to skill development to millions of rural youth is turning heads. He mentioned that nearly five million rural women are part of the silent revolution in the Mission Shakti Movements and Bhubaneswar has topped the Smart City challenge in the country and was among five finalists at the global level. He underlined that political stability, transparent governance, creation of physical infrastructure up to the Gram Panchayat level, empowering the grassroots, protecting the tribal rights and Odisha’s focus on the Mother and Child have set benchmarks for others to follow.
While congratulating the Non Resident Odias for their global achievements, he asserted that Non Resident Odias make Odisha and India proud and called upon them toinspire and act as Brand Ambassadors of their State, Odisha so that the world could know that Odisha is not just about beautiful beaches and exquisite temples but also about blockchain and robotics, bio-technology, value-added manufacturing, global logistics and innovation sand box for transformative social change. He invited the proud daughters and sons of Odisha to come back to Odisha to be an active part of the transformative journey and assured that the door is wide open for them at all times.
Hon’ble Chief Minister recalled the vision and statesmanship of Biju Babu whose sole dream was to see the rise of a modern, confident and empowered Odisha. He stated that Biju Babu wanted us to be a people who are children of great heritage and future possibilities. As his centenary celebrations come to a close, we rededicate ourselves to the cause he so passionately believed in, he stated. He thanked the Prabasi Odias for participating in the Conclave and wished them and their loved ones a great year ahead.

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