Published On: Tue, Feb 24th, 2015

Madhya Pradesh achieves major successes in economic growth of rural poor

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CM-Engineering-ConclaveBhopal : Major successes have been achieved in making rural poor self-reliant and their economic upliftment as a result of effective implementation of second phase of district poverty initiative project (DPIP) being conducted with World Bank’s financial assistance. The World Bank has made available Rs. 100 million US dollars for the second phase of poverty alleviation of DPIP started from year 2009. Besides, state government has given share of 10 million US dollars. Second phase of the project covers 4,806 villages of 53 development blocks in 15 districts. The project costing about Rs. 521 crore is in last phase.
The World Bank team visiting the state for preparation final report held discussions on important activities and achievements of the second phase here today. The team gave suggestions about effective implementation of the project and shared strategies being adopted for poverty alleviation. Project Coordinator Shri L.M. Belwal informed about important success of the second phase.
Headed by Task Team Leader Smt. Preeti Kumar, the World Bank team comprises micro finance expert Shri Winston Daves, monitoring and assessment expert Sushri Miyo Takada, procurement expert Shri Atin Rastogi, gender equality and social development expert Shri Varun Singh and agriculture & productivity expert Sushri Helen. The team also comprises United Nations Food & Agriculture Organisation’s members Shri Thomas and Shri Jim.
Shri Belwal informed World Bank team that 35 thousand 806 self-help groups have been formed during the second phase. Of these, 23 thousand 781 SHGs have also availed benefits of various government schemes. Bank assistance worth Rs. 250 crore has been made available to over 22 thousand SHGs. So far, 4054 village development organisations have been formed and 4 lakh 9 thousand beneficiaries have been benefited through the project. As a result of intensified efforts for economic development, 3 lakh 36 thousand 174 rural beneficiaries have earned Rs. 1502 crore and annual income of 34 thousand 584 beneficiaries has exceeded Rs. one lakh. This has also helped in efforts to rid SHG members from exploitation by money-lenders.
State Project Administration Manager Shri Raman Wadhwa gave a video presentation on salient features of the second phase. Members of the team will undertaken field visits in various districts of the state to assess project’s achievements tomorrow.

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