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India Art Fair raises the bar with best presented edition to date

indiaartNew Delhi: Industry leaders give unanimous opinion that India Art Fair is the most significant platform for art and culture in the sub-continent. During the India Art Fair Santanu Ganguly met some of the very important personalities yo know their take on the INDIA ART FAIR.

Amitabh Kant, Secretary in the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion. Founder of Incredible India, and Make in India campaigns
“India Art Fair is unique. It has tremendous energy. It has the creativity, the vibrancy and the dynamism of India all captured together. It gives a unique flavour and feel of India’s art world all at one place. I’ve seen the fair grow and evolve and it has done this in an extremely beautiful manner. It is the one thing that makes India stand out in the world of creativity. I’d bench mark it as one of the world’s best fairs.”

Oiane Salazar, Director of Patrons, Guggenheim Bilbao Museum
“Our group are very pleased to come to India. We have been impressed by the wide range of artists, and particularly the number of female artists on exhibition. The layout is extremely professional and the VIP programme has been especially good. It has been a pleasure to have the opportunity to discover Indian art.”

Nadia and Rajeeb Samdani, Founder Directors, The Dhaka Art Summit
“It is always great to be back at the best art fair of the region and wonderful to see it’s growing success every year.”

Prateek Raja, Experimenter
“Sales have been excellent with 80% of the booth sold on the first day to both new and existing collectors. What has been interesting is a significant number of new collectors in the mid-range. The collectors love the IAF programme, and it is the one opportunity in the year for us to interact with all them. The fair provides an opportunity to connect and re-connect with existing collectors and to year-on-year to meet new ones from an ever-expanding base.”

Arjun Rampal, Bollywood actor
“It’s spectacular – i’m totally blown. There are so many artists from all over the world, and so many different styles – new, old, modern. It’s really, really stunning – I wish I had more time to see the works. It’s great that India gets this kind of exposure to art and one begins to value art in India. There are so many Indian artists out here who have done such spectacular work – it’s really, really overwhelming.”

Rashid Rana, Artist
“We take it for granted that these art gatherings exist everywhere but I think people forget what a significant role the art fair plays in bringing people together. It’s incredibly heartening to see so many people coming together to engage in looking at and experiencing all this different art. It’s superb.”

Jitish Kallat, Artist and Curator, Kochi-Muziris Biennale
“What’s been interesting to watch is the effect that the art fair has on the way the city of Delhi programmes it’s art calendar, whether it’s the number of talks and lectures or the numerous exhibitions right across the city. The Art Fair animates and injects an energy for the capital that makes it a convergence point for the rest of the Subcontinent.”

Rajan Anandan, Managing Director, Google India
“Art Fairs play a crucial role in making art accessible and India Art Fair gives the opportunity not only for a few thousand but for hundreds of thousands to view art that is usually only accessible to the few. This is an incredible initiative. I have been coming to the fair since it started and every year the quality of the work has got better, the production values are higher and it feels more organised. Unlike other countries that have so many cultural institutions, India Art Fair is crucial for opening up awareness to much broader audiences. It is an incredible initiative and it’s great to see so many corporates engaging with the work and supporting the fair.”

Diwan Manna, Director India Triennale
“India Art Fair has shown how art can be showcased and projected in India in a place where there is little awareness of art. We’re all so proud of Neha Kirpal and genuinely appreciate the whole effort. The idea, the conception and execution of the fair is world class.”

Vijay Choraria, Collector
“The fair has evolved beautifully – it’s extremely well organised and the layout this year is particularly good. Having the gallery booths dispersed with exhibitions and projects allows people to engage more with the art scene, and engagement is as important as buying. Getting people to engage with art is half the battle, and India Art Fair brings all the right ingredients for this under one roof. I see new faces and new interest. There are also a noticeable amount of new museum groups visiting from around the world, and it it is good to see that the fair has achieved the status of an important annual fixture on the global art calendar.”

Susan Keller – Patron from Santa Barbara Museum Group, California
“It’s a revelation. I think even sophisticated Americans aren’t aware of the wealth and variety of contemporary Indian art, and the combination of an incredibly rich history with new vision is especially vibrant and exciting. We’ve absorbed so much. It has been an overwhelming trip that will require weeks and weeks to digest. It will certainly not be our last.”

Ashiesh Shah, Architect and Designer
“This is a strongly curated show, and an extremely well curated space. The standard has made collectors and buyers very happy. There has been lots of interaction with the artists, collectors and gallerists and many meetings of interesting people with similar mindsets. The quality of work is also particularly strong. I bought from the first gallery I visited.”

Feroze Gujral, Director, The Gujral Foundation
“What stands out for me is that the works are far stronger and more interesting than previous editions. The selection of artists is very good and it is particularly exciting to see new talented artists from the Subcontinent. The layout and quality of the booth configuration is also very strong, and to supplement this is a world-class programme, that is not only of a higher quality, but also is based on our own part of the world. By connecting the artist projects with the Speakers’ Forum, Girish Shahane has done a superb job of curating a programme that is more relevant and of more interest to those concerned with the Indian market.”

Jorge, Brinkerhoff, Director, Brinkerhoff Fine Art
“We’ve been thinking about participating at India Art Fair for the last five years and have taken the plunge, not quite knowing what to expect. However we’ve made some great new friends and met a large number of collectors who are very open not only to collecting Indian art but also to look beyond to Western artists, which is encouraging for us. We will certainly come back next year for sure.”

Radika Chopra, Collector
“India Art Fair has been very well organised and thought through in terms of placement and the flow. The design element and restaurants are far improved with much more variety. The team are very well equipped to handle crowds, and the fair now has a better sense of demand. From the perspective of an experienced buyer it has been a really fantastic experience. The small touches, such as the BMW dinner and the VIP cars make all the difference.”
JJ Valaya, Fashion Designer
“I have been here for every edition of the fair. It is interesting for me to see how the worlds of art and design are merging and how that confluence works. It is also interesting to see what is happening in contemporary art between the old and new orders and how they can coexist here under one roof.”

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