Odia Wikipedia celebrating its 8th birthday

Odia Wikipedia celebrating its 8th birthday

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Cuttack: Odia Wikipedia is all set to celebrate it's 8th birthday, a first of its kind of celebration in Odisha. Wikipedians from across the state are attending this event in Cuttack.

Odia Wikipedia (or.wikipedia.org) is an online encyclopedia and the largest available online encyclopaedia in Odia. Apart from Odia there are 20 Indian language Wikipedias and globally 275+ Wikipedias exist in all different languages. Contrary to common myths about Wikipedia being edited by some paid staff, it is an open platform for collaborative encyclopedic content development. WIkipedia articles can be written by anyone and everyone having access to internet.

Odia Wikipedia, which was created in 2002 and the first ever edit happened in 2004, is one of the 4 first Indian language Wikipedias. It has 2030 encyclopaedic articles in it about various topics in different subjects. Furthermore, it has a lot many articles related to Odia language, culture, art and other Odisha related topics. Odia Wikipedia can be accessed at http://or.wikipedia.org/. There is also an Odia dictionary called Wiktionary available at http://or.wiktionary.org/. Though many people refer Wikipedia for various academic purpose they never understand how the articles are written. The volunteers who edit Wikipedia (known as Wikipedians) reach out to people like them who can take voluntary participation to edit Wikipedia and create a knowledge base. The content in Wikipedia are free to share, distribute and use for commercial and noncommercial usage. Unlike any other website Wikimedia Foundation, the non profit foundation which hosts Wikipedia doesn't earn money and keep the Wikipedia free of advertisement. And also, the content in Wikipedia are completely unbiased with neutral point of view. Being edited by people of multiple view points the biased and unnecessary information always get filtered and that is how Wikipedia is gaining popularity across the world to get relevant, unbiased information.

Back to Odia Wikipedia, it was quite inactive for about 7 long years. By the effort of few Odias the first Odia Wikipedia meetup was organized in Bengaluru which engendered successive outreach sessions in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Baleswar. By the effect of 12 Wikipedia editing workshops and meet ups, many people are being brought into the Odia Wikipedia movement. Odia Wikipedia is not only documenting topics of our art, culture, language and heritage in Odia language, but it is also creating an awareness and encouraging people to contribute in Odia where most people are moving away from the language. Moreover, Odias across the world have uploaded more than 700 Copyright free images of Odisha and other places by conducting photo donation events. People interested to learn more about Wikipedia and how they can make use of it are all invited to the 8th birthday of Wikipedia, to be organized at Image Institute of Technology and Management, Upper Telenga Bazar, Cuttack.

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