Ash - Out of The Public Eye

Ash - Out of The Public Eye


Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan are finally going to be parents after four years of marriage. Unable to contain his joy, the Big B proudly announced the joyful tidings on a micro-blogging site on Tuesday night. Soon after, everyone who knew the Bachchans was on phone talking with the family and some close friends even dropped by Jalsa to celebrate the happy news.

“It’s been crazy,” Abhishek admitted late at night. “We’ve been trying to inform all our close friends about it. How do I feel? It’s not sunk in yet. There’s been no time. We’re still busy sharing the news. The realisation will come later. Right now I’m kind of numb. It’s a big moment.”

As usual, the most restrained and controlled member of the Bachchan household was Jaya. Rather than getting carried away by the bustle of celebrations, she had already started thinking of practical matters.

Given the chance, the Bachchans would’ve liked to keep it quiet for as long as possible.“But I guess it couldn’t be kept quiet. Now you know why I’ve been trying to stay out of the public eye lately. It’s still to sink in, really. Abhishek and I are super happy, but it is a matter of happiness for our entire family and that makes all the difference,” said Aishwarya.

Abhishek even told us a great anecdote about the couple’s unfazed attitude towards all the “worried” queries about their parenthood. While waiting at an international airport for a connecting flight some time ago , the couple was confronted by a boisterous, middleaged Punjabi lady, who very inquisitively asked,

“So when do we hear the happy announcement?” Before Aishwarya could answer Abhishek held the lady by the shoulder and said, “The happy announcement just happened. Your flight is ready for boarding!” This anecdote typifies that complete lack of anxiety that the couple and the family have felt about Aishwarya’s motherhood.

And now that it has finally happened, Aishwarya intends to quickly finish her only film — Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine — and then take a long sabbatical.

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