Published On: Sat, Jun 17th, 2017

How to Manage Time for each subject effectively for JEE Advanced Exam

JEE Mains is over, and students who are aspiring to secure admission in IIT, India’s premium engineering colleges for undergraduate studies the race is still on. JEE Advanced is going be a little tougher than JEE Mains.  IIT Madras is the main organizer for this year’s JEE Advanced and is scheduled to be held on Sunday, 21st of May.  The result for the same will be declared the following month. Although, this is tentative news and no official confirmation has been issued yet.

The study material of JEE advanced is very similar to JEE Main. However, there is a major difference in the examination pattern. Unlike JEE Main which has just one paper, JEE Advanced will be conducted in two parts –

  • Paper I – Math, Physics & Chemistry
  • Paper II- Math, Physics & Chemistry

Since the pattern of JEE Advanced is very different from JEE Main, students will have to adopt a slightly altered strategy.  Again, if one compares the question paper of last few years, all the three disciplines received equal weightage. Therefore, there is a need to divide time equally between the three subjects. This is particularly crucial when only a few weeks are left before the actual examination.

To help you devise an efficient strategy, here are some valuable tips and suggestions –

Time Management is Key

Although students prepare for JEE Main and JEE Advanced almost simultaneously, the real focus on JEE Advanced begins when the students have finished taking JEE Main. Up till then, the primary focus is on JEE Main.  Students precisely get 6 to 7 weeks to prepare for JEE Advanced in a dedicated manner. Therefore, time management is extremely crucial.  Divide your study time into three parts.

For instance, if you study for 10 hours a day, make sure you spend nearly 3 hours on each subject.

Do not Ignore Chemistry

Most aspiring engineers tend to focus more on Physics and Math and put chemistry on the back burner. This can be a big mistake as in both JEE Main and JEE Advanced all three subjects receive equal importance. In fact, chemistry is one of the more scoring subjects. Isomerism, Chemical Bonding, p Block, Mole concept is some examples of chapters in chemistry that are not only easy but also quite scoring.

Identify Your Strengths

You may have a hands-on grasp on Math, but struggling with Physics. If that’s the case, equal time distribution strategy is not for you. In this case, spend more time on subjects that you are lagging behind. However, do not commit the mistake of becoming over-confident. Remember that there is a thin line between overconfidence and confidence. Always be confident, but never become too sure. There is always scope for improvement. Therefore, if you are spending 6 hours on Physics (which is your weak spot), devote at least 2 hours a day on Math.

Should you Revise or Pick up a new Topic

This is a decision where many students become very confused and most often than not go wrong.  Most students complete 80 to 85% of the syllabus while preparing for JEE Main. So, should students take up the remaining 15 to 20% of the syllabus at this crucial juncture?  Expert faculty at premium coaching academy like Aakash Institute discourages students from doing that. This is because picking up a new chapter at this time will only lead to confusion.

A smarter move should be to revise and focus on the study material for JEE Advanced that they have already covered.  This way, students will not be stuck with the new topic for a long time and will get to distribute their time equally for all the three subjects.

Closing Thoughts

Finally, in addition to remaining focused about revising the JEE advanced syllabus, also pay attention to your holistic well-being.  As the days of the exam closer, try to stay calm and turn your focus on your wellness.

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