Published On: Mon, Feb 16th, 2015

‘Gun Pe Done’, to bring awareness on Hooch Nexus: Abhik Bhanu

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gunpeMumbai: Since Independence thousands of innocent people have lost their lives in Hooch Tragedies. Media and official covers and witness hooch tragedy every year like national holiday. Only difference is, we mourn for our loved ones, who lost their lives, as this system fails them consistently.

Country liquor, Hooch, Desi Daruu, is illegal in India, selling and making both: yet it happens to be one of the most lucrative business for Mafias. Unfortunately government officials, officers, law department and excise department all part of this Illegal trade. In last decade many high ranking officials have been fired for their involvement in this illegal business.

“People are not aware of this Issue. It’s my social responsibility to serve this hard-hitting truth with some pinch of humor, so mass doesn’t feel prosecuted and rather think about it”, say passionate Abhik Bhanu.

Abhik Bhanu, Passionate journalist, writer and now film maker, understands the need to deliver hard message with humor. That’s the lifeline behind his ambitious and yet humble upcoming Flick, “GUN PE DONE”.

“Reality tends to get boring, people turn away from it. My main objective is to create awareness through brilliant film making and storytelling, which is mix of truth and humor”, Bhanu adds.

‘Gun Pe Done’, Hard hitting tale of Hooch business across nation, how this business works, who are actually behind this powerful and brutal nexus. This liquid death, this liquor kills, Government is aware of this issue, yet this illegal trade have flourished into giant corporate game.

“Government turn blind eye because of revenue, so no value for life? It’s a system failure. It’s illegal trade yet legal revenue, doesn’t it sound like system failure”, Abhik says.

“My film is a powerful entertainer laced with hooch nexus and rusty love story. Manik Singh, Haryana based Hooch mafia, ambitious and brutal, yet dreams big to be a hooch mafia. On the other side of the fence, is a lady journalist, who is all out to expose this nexus, so a whole some entertainer”, Says Abhik with a surreal smile.

Gun Pe Done features Jimmy Shergill, Vijay Raj, Tara Aslisha Berry, Sanjay Mishra, Vrajesh Hirjee, Anant Jog, Bidita bag, Deepraj Rana among others.

Film is produced by Pioneer Films and Entertainment LLP.

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