Published On: Mon, Oct 8th, 2018

Get Familiar of How to Attempt JEE Main exam through Free Online Mock Test Provided by NTA


National Testing Agency has released an online mock tests for all the candidates who will be appearing for JEE Main 2019 exam. Students can take up the online examination by visiting the official website of NTA and they can also download the same for practicing offline. For improved JEE Main Result, students are needed to practice mock test more and more.

About the exam

JEE Main is one of important examinations which is taken up by a wide range of students who seek admission in top IITs across the country for engineering and architectural courses. However, due to the new major changes brought about in the examination many students are left confused about how to attempt it.

According to the changes, the first is that the exam will be a computer-based online mode of examination. The exam will be conducted twice a year. Furthermore, NTA which is the conducting body of the exam will be responsible for allotting the slots from this year. However, there exists a lot of inconvenience amongst students regarding the new changes especially about the computer-based mode of examination. This article deals with clearing the misconceptions related to the JEE Main exam and how can candidates prepare themselves for the test using the online mock exams.

How to attempt through free mock tests conducted online by NTA

To make things easier for the students, NTA has released mock tests of JEE Main exam. Students can participate in the mock tests and practice sessions which will be held on every Saturday and Sunday at the Test practice Centres. The test interface of the computer-based test will be conducted exactly the same way as it will be on the day of the exam, thus making aspirants aware to the exam pattern.

The misconceptions about the examination

Before proceeding to the section on how to attempt and prepare for the Mock test for upcoming JEE Main exam, let’s look at some of the queries that persists in the minds of students. Here are some of the facts that would help in clearing the doubts.

Use of internet for collecting answers: The online examination doesn’t use internet for accepting answers. A computer software is used that doesn’t make use of the internet.

The level of difficulty in the JEE exam will be higher in comparison to previous years: No, there is no difference in the difficulty level of questions asked in the examination. All questions are predefined and will be same as that of previous years.

Candidates are required to have excessive knowledge of computers: The candidate needs to know is, just how to click the mouse and no other extra knowledge of computers is needed.

Responses can be manipulated post examination: This popular misconception that has gripped the minds of students leaving them cold feet is absolutely wrong. The responses are collected using a computer software that cannot be accessed by anyone. In addition, even the student won’t be allowed to access any part of the test after the exam is over.

In case of power loss during the examination, the answers will be lost: The online tests work on a real-time basis. As soon as the student mark their answer or change it during the exam, the response will be immediately recorded keeping all the answers save.

For all students who are attempting the computer-based examination for the very first time, there is nothing to worry about. All the candidates will be provided proper instructions on the computer screen about how to use the computer during the test. So don’t worry just prepare yourself for the examination.


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