Published On: Tue, Sep 5th, 2017

Game of Lights: Which Public Space with Which Light

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Every public space can reap immediate benefits by upgrading existing lights with LED lights. Almost all public spaces can achieve a higher level of illumination through LED fixtures that not only consume less energy as compared to the fluorescent or metal halide systems but also last significantly longer. LED luminaries contribute directly to reduced maintenance costs and lower energy bills. However, before upgrading the lights, city planners need to have a better understanding of which light will work efficiently for which public space. Simply replacing existing fixtures without diagnosing the needs might backfire.

Here we have thoroughly explained the game of lights by defining which light is suitable for which public space. Take a look!

Lighting the Streets

Safe streets are the right of every individual living in any area and lighting plays a significant role in ensuring the same. Looking at the modern lifestyle, city planners are focusing more on improving the safety of the residents and ensuring a smooth traffic flow. However, keeping a check on the functioning of lights across any city or a particular area is challenging.

The best option is to switch to LED street lights. LED lighting solutions are versatile enough to be monitored, maintained and managed with ease. Also, not only is an LED light energy efficient, the LED street light price is competitive, thus making it a long-lasting and cost-effective choice for futuristic cities.  

Lighting the Monuments

Monuments reflect the historic past and rich heritage of any city. When illuminating any monument, the focus should be to create a magical appearance while avoiding glare and using the right light during night time. The right lighting can adequately reveal the volume and shape of any monument while enabling a wall washing effect.

Out of all the lighting solutions, the winner here for monuments, statues and memorials are flood lights. While illuminating a monument using flood lights, the thumb rule is to install the light close to the monument. Close placement of light will help control any potential hitches of glare for pedestrians or drivers moving around the area. Also, to show the true colours of a monument, white LED lights are the ideal choice.

Lighting the Road Junctions

Modern lifestyle has created an enormous impact on our schedules extending them way into midnight. This change has significantly increased the need to illuminate the roads, especially the junctions. City planners now need to have a better focus on the safety of people commuting while keeping the aesthetics in mind.

The best way to keep the junctions alive with proper lighting even during the wee hours is by using high mast lights. This lighting solution is currently the most cost effective and efficient way of illuminating road junctions. High masts render uniform illumination throughout, are easy to install and come with motorised controls that help in increasing or decreasing the height of the luminaries as per the need.

Lighting the Landscapes

The thumb rule to selecting right landscape lighting is by identifying the key areas that need illumination to create an appealing atmosphere. Flood light fixtures prove to be beneficial for spaces such as plant and bush accent lighting, tree lighting or wall washing. High on performance, flood lights prove advantageous when the design requires lighting of broad areas to create drama while offering proper illumination. Gardenia LED by Wipro Lighting is high on performance and best suited for landscape lighting.

Lighting the Transit Stops

Careful lighting at transit stops makes commuters feel more secure. Bus stops and train stations being the prime spots require adequate illumination. LED street lights are a winner here as well. Offering ample illumination while saving energy, they infuse a sense of security among commuters travelling late at night. As stated earlier, the LED street light price proves economical in the long run while delivering a sturdy performance.


Lighting is an art that can transform the look and feel of any space. In addition, the right fixtures can enhance security as well. Any area lit with the wrong light fixtures can significantly rule out the mere reason behind lighting. So, city planners need to identify the right light source for different areas to illuminate them well.


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