Published On: Thu, Sep 8th, 2016

From a waiter, to a bus conductor, a tuition teacher to an actor- Krip Suri

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kripasuriMumbai: Joseph Campbell once said, “Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures”. Krip Suri, the lead actor of Life OK’s Kalash.. Ek Vishwaas has seen his own hardship days like very few actors in the industry. The actor had to support his family at a tender age of 15, which made him take tuitions in class 10 for the lower grades. After he completed his schooling, he worked in the most popular QSR chain Mc. Donald’s for more than a year to pay for his college in Delhi. He also danced at weddings for Rs. 500 per show to support his family.
The sad part is that even after his college, his hardships didn’t end. He was a bus conductor for some time. It won’t be inappropriate to say that Krip has been unknowingly following the footsteps of superstar Rajnikant and captain cool M S Dhoni who have been bus conductors before stardom struck them. While remembering this phase, Krip said, “I wanted to be an actor since childhood. I would have loved to go to acting classes. But my financial condition was unfavourable. But I was not capable of affording the same. Hence, whatever acting I have learnt is through movies. I was able to fight all the odds because I was passionate about acting. If we are positive and strong enough to fight for what we truly want, we can achieve anything in life”

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