Published On: Wed, Apr 27th, 2016

CNN-News18 launches Virtuosity – An Exclusive show with Vir Sanghvi

about-pic3New Delhi: In line with its commitment to bringing the story behind the news to the forefront, CNN-News18 launched a new show VIRTUOSITY. Hosted by one of the country’s top journalists – Vir Sanghvi, the weekend show features a big news story and provides added context, insight and nuance that may not be immediately discernible. The show will have Vir, in his inimitable style, break down the story being featured and make it relevant and relatable for the viewers. He will present the facts, make use of history, use a lifetime of his personal experiences to break through the clutter and bring forth the key aspects of the story.
In the first episode of Virtuosity – Stories from the News aired last weekend, Vir Sanghvi delved into the decline and fall of India’s most flamboyant tycoon, Vijay Mallya. As his friends called the events surrounding Mallya “a witchunt” and industry insiders believed that Mallya “will come back with full honours”, Vir unravelled the link between the corridors of power and the banks that “kept lending money to KFA which they did not do to other airlines”.

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