Published On: Wed, Feb 4th, 2015

CII’s Goa Nautical Tourism

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rd1_9067LAC(S)Goa: Goa is a key destination for both international and domestic tourists. Blessed with 105 km of beautiful coastline and 300km of inland waterways, Goa has high potential for development in nautical tourism. To address the need for streamlined development in this sector, CII Goa in association with knowledge partner KPMG organized an conference covering major components of nautical tourism development in Goa. The conference provided a common platform to private investors, government bodies and regulatory authorities in this sector. The event was well attended by major stakeholders including top Government officials, existing and potential developers and regulatory authorities in the nautical tourism sector.

The key insights on developing world class marinas in Goa. Eminent speakers drawing from their international and domestic experience provided views on development, maintenance and operation of marinas in Goa. Socio-economic benefits and cultural integration with the Goan fabric was a key focus area in this session. Insights into the significant multiplier effect of marinas on the local economy were also shared.

The session on sustainable development of Goa’s inland waterways focused, the extensive water ways have served as Goa’s trade and commerce lifelines for centuries. The revival and rejuvenation of these waters through sustainable tourism development was a key focus of this session. Formulation of safety and security regulations in line with scientific studies, and subsequent adherence by operators was seen as a key enabler for growth of inland waterway tourism products. Key trends in the industry such as utilization of efficient and minimal environmental impact vessels were discussed by the panel. The possible decongestion of our already stressed roads coupled with ease of access to the hinterland would go a long way in enhancing Goa’s tourism offerings.

The concluding session for the day shed light on regulations, safety and security procedures key to delivery of the finest water sports experience in the state. The speakers apprised the audience of the pivotal role that Goa has in promoting water sports in the country with myriad offerings across our coast and rivers. The need for planned and regulated development in water sports was seen to be key to the promotion of water sports among tourists.

Innovative examples for promoting growth in nautical tourism with minimal impact on the local environment and people were presented at the conference. With rising interest in nautical tourism, it is important that stakeholders understand the key components of nautical tourism, to become proactive in responding to demand. The conference provided an avenue for operators in the state to imbibe best practices and key national as well as international trends in the sector.

The sessions for the day explored on the ground challenges being faced by industry as well as regulatory bodies in this sector. The conference shed light on the important role of facilitation played by the Government in promoting investment in tourism. Infrastructure development both in the water and along the banks of our water bodies is the need of the hour for holistic development of nautical tourism interspersed with other aspects of tourism in the state.

This conference is a step towards promoting new forms of tourism in the state and would go a long way in distributing tourist footfalls across the state. The various tourism products discussed are expected to promote inclusive development of the local economy in tandem with creating new recreation avenues for the discerning traveler.

Mr. Ameya Abhyankar, Director, Department of Tourism, Mr. Nikhil Desai, Managing Director, Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC), Capt. James Braganza, Captain of Ports Department, Mr. Ranadhir Mukhopadhyay, Chief Scientist and Head- HRM, National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), Sutheeshna Babu S, Nodal Officer, National Institute of Water Sports, Mr. Arvind Khutkar, Dy. Director, Department of Tourism, GoG and Mr. Sagar Chandra Rai, Hydrographic Surveyour, Captain of Ports Department, GoG, presented their views at the Conference.

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