Published On: Wed, Mar 29th, 2017

Benefits of buying an apartment with the help of an agent

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Are you planning to buy a brand new apartment? If the answer is yes, then you might be contemplating whether to bring in an agent to take care of your real estate deals or not. While most buyers feel that by finding an apartment themselves, they can save on paying the real estate agent’s commission, however flying solo could also end up costing much more. Since an agent would have in-depth knowledge of the real estate sector, his/her advice can help you save money in the long run.

So, no matter whether you are looking for flats for sale in Mohali, Rewari, Bhopal, etc., or considering projects of renowned builders like Unitech, it is still always better to involve an expert in your deal. It will give you the confidence that you are making the right decision. Moreover, the process is a major financial undertaking, and it’s best not to discard the idea of hiring an agent. Here are few reasons why you might need an agent while buying an apartment.

They won’t look at the deal emotionally

We all have a picture of our perfect home, but are limited by our budgets. While buying your home, even though your primary criterion is to get a good deal, yet it is easy to get sidetracked from your goal due to emotions. Hiring an agent will prevent you from making stupid emotional mistakes and buying an overpriced home, just because it matched the picture you always had in mind. Buying a home based on an emotional instinct might feel good at that time, but it won’t when you are paying unnecessary high installments. Also, in case you like an apartment, then a realtor will be able to follow up with the property seller, without communicating an eagerness or desperation. It will prevent the seller from charging a higher market rate. Also, an agent will be able to help you walk away from an emotional buy, which you might regret later.

Negotiating is not easy without an agent

Some believe that a direct negotiation between a seller and buyer will result in a more favorable and transparent deal. It could be true, provided that both the buyer and seller in a given transaction understand each other and are reasonable. Unfortunately, this is not easy to find. For instance, while finding flats for sale in Mohali, you might come across an apartment you like despite the glaringly loud color on the walls. You are considering buying the place anyway by changing all those things which you don’t like, only if you can negotiate with the seller to reduce the price. But, by directly conveying your dislike for the owner’s taste, you might end up insulting the seller. In this case, working with an agent will save you from upsetting the seller, and the agent may be in a better position to negotiate a discount.

They can devote more time than you

It’s hard for you to search for apartments, amidst your busy work schedule. Also, it is impossible to visit or search all the apartments out there. Save time by hiring an agent who already has a pretty good idea about the apartments available for sale in your preferred locality. As it is his/her full-time work, an agent will be able to devote more time to helping you find the right apartment. Also, they will be able to immediately look at a new apartment up for sale, (which could be the one you eventually buy), hence able to make use of every possible opportunity.

They can offer valuable advice

Experienced in the field, agents will be able to set a realistic price on a home the minute they walk in. Real estate agents can offer right expertise and knowledge to the deal. If they are well experienced, then they have a pretty good idea about the value of real estate in a particular locality. Their understanding of the industry will help you judge if the house is overpriced or underpriced, as well as, save you from unnecessary tours to apartments that you wouldn’t want to purchase. Also, when you decide to buy a home, an experienced agent will be familiar with the conditions that are used in the contract. Hence, they can advice as well as protect you against a bad deal.

Bottom line

It is not impossible to buy a home independently without involving an agent, and some individuals with the right knowledge can do the task easily on their own. But on the other hand, for most buyers, it’s hard to know the latest real estate market trends. As buying your home would likely be one of the biggest transactions of your life, it is better to get the expert advice of a professional. Finally, thanks to their expert observations. You might end up saving more money, by avoiding the purchase of an overpriced home.

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