Published On: Tue, Feb 17th, 2015

Artistic Excellence from Indo-Korean Artists in an exhibition of paintings

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koreaReport by Santanu Ganguly, New Delhi: Korean Cultural Centre, New Delhi has organized an exhibition of paintings titled “Beyond The Borders” at the Exhibition Gallery. Curated by Kalicharan Gupta (India) and Minjoo Lee (Korea), the exhibition features works by 15 Korean and 28 Indian Artists, the show was inaugurated recently by Smt. Kapila Vatsyayan and the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to India H.E. Joongyu Lee. Depicting many facets of life, the show will be on display till 27th February.

On this occasion Smt. Kapila Vatsyayan congratulated the artists and organizers for coming up with such show. She said, it’s great to see the art works of artists from both the countries and will provide an opportunity to art lovers and others who don’t know about the culture, tradition, art and its diversity.

It is heartening to note a steady rise in exchange of art and culture taking place between Korea and India in recent times. We had organized a series of important cultural events last year and this momentum will be maintained this year too, says H.E. Joongyu Lee. The Art exhibition having the theme ‘Beyond the Borders’ is the beginning of a series of many such events planned to take place this year. The theme of the art exhibition is self explanatory. It seeks to build a bridge of friendship between peoples of Korea and India, transcending their respective national boundaries. I am sure the exhibition will further strengthen cultural ties between peoples of the two countries, he added.

Kim Kum-pyoung, Director Korean Cultural Centre said Art has no boundaries and there is no delineation of race and religion in its expression. ‘Beyond The Borders’ being the title of this exhibition tries to look towards the essentials of art and strives to ensure some form of communication between the artists of both countries. He thanked Kalicharan Gupta for his efforts and help in organizing & leading the cultural exchange.

Addressing the gathering curator & artist Kalicharan Gupta said, Academy of Visual Media and Korea has been doing this cultural programme between Korea and India since many years. This year 15 Korean & 28 Indian artists have come together for this exhibition of many facets at the Korean Cultural Centre as the host. This exhibition also represents artists from different generations. They are enthusiastic about their own art as well as the expression from the other side i.e. younger generation also. Art as a constituent of life helps people to understand more clearly about the world and its problems.
For the exhibition, Minjoo Lee, the curator from the Korean side has chosen a good no of Artists who are depicting various aspects and expression of contemporary Korean culture which off course reflects the tendencies of world art practice too. Korea as a country is also aware of what is happening outside Korea and is competent enough to make a clear and constant dialogue with the rest of the world be it a painting or any other field. Her work in this show is also has a kind of free expressive treatment. The works of the artists like Beyeon Kim’s work ‘Substance’, Sookyoung Ha’s ‘Dance’, HaSsoon Shin’s ‘Remember to Cresent’, Jaiwhakim’s ‘The other’ Shinkyoung Ro’s ‘In Between’ Kim Changrae’s ‘ From the memory’ all these works gives a feeling of having a very personal approach. The works of Yunju Song, ‘Joy’ Ingyong Lee, Ki won Seo‘Shape’ Song Hyunggeun, ‘Space’, Hwang Man-Young, Keunyoung Song, Byungguk Choi, Lee Youngsuk are very much of personal experience with medium, material and its feelings. All artists have a strong connection with the secretive moment of the creativity. It is all at once yet it has a very precise and yet highly free to express their feelings for love, hate and passion for the life.

On the other hand, the Indian side of this show having more number of artists and here too there is a mix of senior and younger generation. India is a big country with diverse cultural differences having many contradictory yet harmonious expressions in different art forms. In Vidyasagar Upadhaya’s painting a beetle like form represent the colorful Rajasthan. Shobha Broota’s yellows are in correspondence with it also the photograph of T. Narayan has the same atmosphere. Gopi Gajwani always plays with colours here once again we see his playful attitude with textures. Jai Zharotia and Dinanath Pathy are in the same boat of figuration with a fine approach. Jagdish Chander has spontaneous approach towards canvas and the form he is working on. In the abstract feelings Vilas Shinde, Jin Sook, Surendra Pal Joshi, Manish Pushkale, Hemraj, Niren Sen Gupta are the one with their uniqueness. Each one has his/her way of handling medium with sensitivity. Sidharth serene figure can attract the viewer with the pearl in the hand. It has connection with long standing tradition of miniature paintings.

The intensity of the exhibition makes it important may be it is an aspect of the both countries but it says a lot about the tradition and its exploration. We hope this exhibition will play an important role in bringing up close the artists community and its viewer.

The participant artists from India are; Shobha Broota, Niren Sen Gupta, Jai Zharotia, Dinanath Pathy, Vilas Shinde, Vidyasagar Upadhya, Vinay Sharma, J. Philipose, Kalicharan Gupta, Surinder Pal joshi, Jagdish Chander, Mukesh Sharma, Meena Deora, Aiyana Gunjan, Gauri Shankar Soni, Jinsook Shinde, Hemraj, Meena Shrivastava, Gopi Gajwani, Akhilesh, Manish Pushkale, Sidharth, Rashmi Khurana, Shoving Bhattacharjee, Rakesh Gupta, T. Narayan, Santosh Verma and Shruti Chandra Gupta. While the Korean artists are; Minjoo Lee, Ingyong Lee, Sookyung Ha, Shinkyouing Ro, Ha Ssoon Shin, Jaiwhakim, Beyeon Kim, Changraekim, KiwonSeo, Man Young Hwang, Hyunggeon Song, Keunyoung Song, Yunju Song, Byungguk Choi and Youngsuk Lee.

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