Published On: Thu, Sep 29th, 2016

Art of Learning Sans Phobia

routBy Jagdish Rout

Like “manners maketh a man,” “practice makes a man perfect.” If one has the libido sciendi (thirst for knowledge), one needs to be carefree and scare-free. Phobia, the inherent fear, is to a less or large extent already in human beings.

One need not be too much reticent, rather need to speak publicly whenever warranted. Speaking out at a particular occasion would test one’s intelligent quotient (IQ) and one can know about his/her ability as well as inability.

At one’s workplace, participating in the meeting could make well aware of one’s inner potential. It could rectify the nagging lacunae and  laxity. Remember: Knock the door and the door is open for you. It does not open suo motu.

Suppose it opens, it is just a coincidence or miracle. But, coincidences and miracle are rarest of the rare. Unless and until you dare to speak out instead of being afraid anticipating making oneself a sorry figure before others would never matter. Habit of avoidance will keep one being avoided by the rest of the world.

Even Prince Siddharth, who avoided the world for couple of years in a bid to attain wisdom, also came out in public and started preaching after being bestowed with the divine power of enlightenment and becoming Buddha.


Many a time Gautam Buddha used to get misunderstood by many, but he spoke the truth and later was accepted by the mundane world. The fear of being perchance wrong makes one tear apart.

Unless a toddler falls down and slips several times, he/she could not be able to walk and then run. For being professional, the inherent sense of phobia and shyness need to be shunned.

Perseverance and consistency despite ups and downs in one’s life could enable one to move forward and even one day soar to the zenith of one’s career.

Today’s Bollywood super star Big B (Amitabh Bachan) was also then rejected by the prime media production house-Rajshree Production and his voice was unacceptable to the tinsel world, and even by the All India Radio (AIR) then.

Today, he is a brand, a trendsetter and his baritone voice is inimitable.One could learn from experience, but one has to take the call and step on. It is true that one also need to be armed with the requisite skill and inputs.

On the other hand, well-stuffed teachers, might be throughout the career brilliant and a gold medallist, but proves to be good for nothing and boring elements while taking classes.


The phobia of interacting with an audience and delivering the good even make such brilliant teachers odd-man-out among their students. It is wise to look before one leaps, but one should also have the daredevilry to make a giant leap where even the angels fear to tread. Nobel laureate and world renowned man of letters, Bertrand Russel, was right enough to have said once: Man is a strange amalgam of both angelic and devilish qualities.


Thus, we should try to channelize our devilishness to demolish our phobia if we seek to be seriously and sincerely a professional.


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