Published On: Tue, May 1st, 2018

5 factors to consider before buying a fridge for your office

Having a fridge at your workplace is essential to ensure that you and your employees have easy access to healthy food and refreshments throughout the day. However, there are several factors like space and features to consider before you purchase a fridge so that it meets your organisation’s needs. Since price is the primary factor that is sure to impact your buying decision, here’s a way to ensure your refrigerator purchase is as easy on your pocket as possible. Shop smartly and conveniently on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

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Now that you know how to purchase a refrigerator more affordably, take a look at the few factors to consider before selecting the right model for your office.

Select the right category
You can choose from single door, double door, or even triple door refrigerators based on the number of employees in your organisation. Apart from that choose from various technologies like frost-free and direct cool. For example, if your organisation has high-storage requirements, a frost-free refrigerator is ideal as it comes with a higher capacity and better cooling.

See how much space is available in your workplace
Before you purchase a refrigerator it is vital to examine and understand the amount of space available in your office. Refrigerators can consume varying amounts of space depending on their capacity or style. If your pantry has a limited amount of space it is better to go for a direct cooling single door refrigerator.


Consider your storage requirements

The capacity of the refrigerator you choose for your office largely depends on the nature of the industry your business operates in and the number of people at work. For example, if you are running a bakery or a restaurant, you will have higher-storage requirements daily and need a bigger capacity fridge as compared to an accounting agency.

Keep energy rating in mind

The energy rating of a refrigerator signifies the power-efficiency of the model. Selecting a high energy rating of up to 5 stars will ensure that the fridge utilises less power. This means you will have lower electricity bills to pay.


Think about your budget

The price for a refrigerator varies across features and technology on offer. Direct cool refrigerators are generally more affordable as compared to frost-free refrigerators. Similarly, refrigerators that dispense water and ice come with a higher price tag compared to those that don’t. Higher energy efficiency also costs more, so make your decision based on these factors.

Equipped with this information, you can make your way to a partner store on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network and purchase your chosen Refrigerator conveniently.


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