Published On: Sat, Mar 17th, 2018

4 Things New Parents Can Learn from Famous Bollywood Movies

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“Cinema is the mirror of life”, this popular saying is indeed true. Over the years bollywood movies have moved beyond the realms of mere entertainment to become educational or inspirational. Some movies have even taught us great parenting lessons. These movies have carried a message depicting how parents fail to understand what their kids want. Such concepts have been shown with a powerful message, especially for parents. Taking a cue from these movies, new parents need to broaden their mind and plan the best for their child.

#1 Taare Zameen Par

Revolved around a dyslexic kid, this movie touches your heart profoundly. The core strength of this film lies in its exceptional strong content which gives the base to such a sincerely captivating and endearing background. The story influences you to think about how some parents have numerous desires from their kids and think that their children ought to do certain things by a particular age. They don’t understand that everybody can’t be the same and that every child has a different ability.

This movie brought tears to the eyes of every individual who saw it and it rightfully spread awareness about dyslexia among the majority. One of the dialogues “Duniya mein aaise aaise heere paida huye hain, jinhone sari duniya ka naksha hi badal diya hain. Kyun ki ye duniya ko apni alag nazar se dekh paaye”, instantly reminded of famous personalities like Thomas Edison and Einstein.

The lesson for new parents: Each child should be given a chance to develop and learn at his/her own pace. Parents must nourish their child’s talent to bring out the best in him. They should act as their guide in the journey, and not put pressure on them or expect their kids to excel in every field.

#2 Three Idiots

This is one film each parent will relate to. It centres around the rigid education system followed in our nation and the extreme pressure experienced by students to seek after professions like medicine and engineering. It rights depict how the education system stresses on marks only instead of understanding the concepts.

Most parents want their kids to pursue a particular profession, without considering the desires of the child and his/her capacity. In all actuality, there is no point accomplishing something that doesn’t make you happy. The truth is “Bachcha kabil bano, kabil … kamyabi toh saali jhak maarke peeche bhagegi”.

The lesson for new parents: Marks are not all that matters. Children should be allowed to choose their professions as per their wishes. Let your child live his/her dreams. Parents should guide their children through the process but not expect them to build their career in the field they (parents) want.

#3 Dangal

Dangal has turned out to be a standout amongst the most-adored films among individuals of any age. It addresses the issue of gender disparity. In a nation, where young ladies are married at a youthful age, this film depicts a father who conflicts with society to prepare his girls and enable them to make another identity for themselves in the field of wrestling. This dialogue, “Mhari choriya choro se kam hai kya”, strikes a chord with everyone.

The lesson for new parents: It’s high time society changes its ways and treats a girl child equivalent to a male child. She should be given equal opportunities to grow.

#4 Deewar

“Jao jaake pehle us aadmi ka sign lekar aao, jisne mere haath par yeh likh diya”

This dialogue is sufficient to tell what Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan) and his sibling Ravi (Shashi Kapoor) had to go through after the demise of their father. Indeed, because of the lack of funds, Vijay had no choice but to discontinue his education half-way. And he turned his path to the illegal way of smuggling while fighting for his family’s rights.

The lesson for new parents: If Vijay’s father had bought a child education plan, the life of Vijay and Ravi would have been in a better position. Having access to the best child plan would have immensely helped as these plans pay death benefits upon the death of the policyholder. This ensures that the family continues to enjoy a life without any financial worries (implying that Vijay would not have required leaving his education after the demise of his father). If Vijay’s father had done a proper child education planning (by opting for best child plan), the poor kid wouldn’t have had to face troubles.


Bollywood movies will continue to inspire us and make us grow as parents and individuals. However, the key takeaway for parents is that- raising a child is a serious task, so why not make it more enjoyable and stress-free. Buying child education plan means there is investment planning involved for many years, which is why it is the best investment plan for child. These plans are not just any other financial instrument but a safety shield that you offer your kid, protecting him or her against any eventuality.

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