Published On: Mon, Sep 5th, 2016

2nd Konark International Cyclothon will be held on December 17, KIC to host India’s Largest ever Green Cycle rally covering a distance over 1800 kms

kiccBhubaneswar: ROOTS OF ODISHA FOUNDATION and CRESPAI announced the date for 2nd Konark International Cyclothon. The 2nd Konark International Cyclothon will be held on December 17, 2016 with interesting theme, routes and Internatioanl excitement.

“This year Konark International Cyclothon will be held start from the Temple City of Bhubaneswar to Konark via Puri and a team of compriaing National and International Cyclist will form part of a LETS PEDAL CYCLING EXPEDITION from Konark to Delhi spreading awareness about the benefits of cycling and the health issues associated with vehichlar pollution and traffic congestion. First theme will be Konark International Cyclothon and route will be Bhubaneswar to Konark. Second theme will be ‘Let’s Pedal Cycling Expedition’ and route will be Konark to Delhi,” said Sudhir Kumar Dash, Director, chief Co-ordinator of the Konark International Cyclothon. We have one planet and no other place available for the human race. Vehicular pollution and traffic congestion is a silent but largest killer of human health. Only cycling in our daily hasbbits and cycling to work place can be an effective and lasting solution. This is a Green Initiative affecting all of us and support of participation from Media, Corporates, NGOS, Social Organisation, Civic bodies whether in public are Private sector will pour in with spirit very high said Mr. Dash.

2nd Konark International Cyclothon will be flagged off from Bhubaneswar. Supporters, participants, thrilling crowd in thousands will felicitate the participant and cheer the LETS PEDAL CYCLING EXPEDITION participant going for their mission ride said Mr. Dash.
Nearly 200 organisations across India comprising Cycle clubs, Educational institutions, NGOs, Corporates, Governmental organizations and others will join India’s largest Cycling Expedition of Konark International Cyclothon.
Konark International Cyclothon is also known as the Tour-de-Konark is a unique event to boast the bicycle culture in the tourist places considering its importance to ecology, economy and to the human health. It is a Cycle Tour campaigning to make people aware about their environment, effects of climate change, protection of their ecology and promoting cycling as alternate mode of communication. The Cycling Expedition team will visit place of tourism importance such as Chandipur, Gaya, Varanasi, Allahabad, Agra, Mathura and interact with local public and supporter.
To Save Fuel, Save Environment and lead a healthy Life is what the Konark International Cyclothon (“KIC”) stands for. KIC will connect to the GenX personalities who care for the mother earth and are willing to stop burning fuel and start pedalling.
Let’s Pedal Cycling Expedition (Konark To Delhi)
KIC presents “ Lets Pedal ” National Cycling Expedition that will cover 5 states, 8 cities, and over 2088 kms of on-road cycling that includes Highways , Mountain Terrain, Jungles, and Rivers sides. So, this event requires those cyclists who can negotiate with such road conditions. The team will have a wonderful 15 days experience and will celebrate their marvellous journey at the National Capital of Delhi. This is going to be a memory of Life time and best 15 days of 2016 for the participant who will take part in the CYCLING EXPEDITION feels an excited Sudhir Dash.

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