Published On: Wed, Feb 3rd, 2016

​Living Legend Dr. Sonal ManSingh highlights importance of dance in theatre through fusion of interaction and classical dance

sonaljiNew Delhi: Continuing the glamorous Living Legend Series-Face to face, today National School of Drama’s 18th Bharat Rang Mahotsav had the privilege to hold a combination of classical dance on soul moving beats of Pakhawaja and the sweet notes of the flute along with valuable words of proficiency by Padma Vibhushan Dr. Sonal ManSingh.

Recollecting her training in Bharatnatyam, Dr. Sonal ManSingh shared her journey through precious images of childhood, memories with eminent classical dance personalities, her performances and the “Life turning moments”.

Emphasising on the importance of theatre, Dr. ManSingh said “The principle element of theatre is acting.” She also gave her gratitude towards her teacher for the guidance throughout her path and mentioned the importance of being obliged to the seniors and veteran artists for their role in one’s development stating, “There should be humility to accept that one is a tiny part in the chain of giants.”

Sharing her life very closely with the audience she confessed that the hardest troubles she overcome in life has shaped it as it is today. Once told by her teacher not to show her face again, she said, “When there is something that saddens you from inside, you have to realise it is a blessing in some way.”

The incredible show came to its dawn with the graceful Odissi dance performance by Dr. ManSingh on the verses from Poet Jayadev’s “Geet Govinda” depicting the separation emotions of Radha & Krishna.

For “Meet the directors”, today Antarmukh hosted the directors of “Ramayana”, “Agni Varsham” and “Antigone”. These plays were performed a night before at Sri Ram Centre, LTG & Kamani Auditorium.

Discussing the aesthetics of production’s and its implications at the stage, director’s discussed aspects of presenting an old era compositions by eminent writers in today’s stage and its relevancy and intactness as well.

Focusing on the importance of theatre for causing changes in society, Director Dr. Rammohan Holagundi said, “Theatre is not only entertainment. It is education as well. Every production has a message to give, without preaching it.”

“In today’s society, we are sitting on a volcano of disturbed scenario which can erupt anytime, as it was in previous times. Violence is still prevailing all over the world, and we have to face it rather than ignoring it.” added Director Kaushik Sen’s son and representative Riddhi Sen.​

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